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18. February 2022

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Successful classic cruiser

04. February 2022 - INDIAN Chief Dark Horse / Chief Bobber Dark Horse / Super Chief Limited (2022-)
INDIAN Chief Dark Horse / Chief Bobber Dark Horse / Super Chief Limited (2022-)

INDIAN MOTORCYCLE has unleashed its latest horse on us. The Chief Dark Horse is a classic cruiser reduced to the essentials. It makes riding a pure pleasure. Hepco&Becker wants to increase this pleasure even more by getting the bike ready for a ride. The barely noticeable C-Bow holder enables quick and easy attachment of our C-Bow leather bags. Not only do they have a high-quality finish, they also offer enough storage space to extend the ride to a weekend trip with the necessary luggage. A Solorack ensures that additional bags can be attached. For improved comfort, the Solorack is also available with a rider backrest. To protect this beautfil bike, we have developed a sturdy engine guard.


Advanced technology with sporty performance

24. November 2021 - HONDA Forza 750 (2021-)
HONDA Forza 750 (2021-)

HONDA has expanded its scooter family with the new Forza 750. For the new top scooter, we have developed a practical C-Bow holder to which Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases can be attached. Of course, we have also modified the rear section where an Alu- or Easyrack top case carrier can be easily mounted. Smaller rear bags find their place on our discreet Minirack. Our side stand enlargement provides a more stable hold on the side stand. So that the scooter can also be driven with a passenger with our luggage solution, there is also a special pillion handle.

The bike for two

04. February 2022 - APRILIA Tuono V4 (2021-)
APRILIA Tuono V4 (2021-)

With APRILIA's Tuono V4, in opposition to the Factory version, you can also go for a sporty ride as a couple. If you want to go on a short tour, you can mount the matching Royster side bags on our C-Bow holder. This allows you to store one or two pieces of luggage in a waterproof way. If you are travelling alone and want to use the space, our Sportrack is the perfect solution. It can be easily mounted in place of the pillion seat. To match the Royster side bags, we have the large rear bag with grey or yellow zip to choose from. If that's too much for you, you can also attach the Royster Rearbag Sport as a Lock-it version to the sports rack. Our side stand enlargement ensures a secure stand on rough terrain.


Crossing entire continents at speed

22. October2021 - KTM 1290 Super Adventure S / R (2021-)
KTM 1290 Super Adventure S / R (2021-)

That's what KTM wants with its new 1290 Super Adventure S / R. For the new adventure tourer we have developed a fixed side carrier so that you can take as much as possible with you on a tour. A Hepco&Becker top case can be easily attached to the Alu- / Easyrack. For adventurers who prefer soft luggage on the rear, our rear rack enlargement is ideal. A Hepco&Becker tank bag can be used to store small essentials such as a wallet or mobile phone. Our tank bags can all be securely fastened to the Lock-it tank ring in seconds. We have developed a sturdy handle guard to protect you in the event of an accident. The headlight grille provides a cool off-road look. A practical side stand enlargement is also in preparation.

Revving two-cylinder

29. October 2021 - HONDA CMX 1100 Rebel (2021-)
HONDA CMX 1100 Rebel (2021-)

HONDA has unleashed its new CMX 1100 Rebel onto the streets. Since we already liked the 500, we went straight for the 1100. We have developed a black C-Bow holder for this "road bully", to which all Hepco&Becker C-Bow bags can be attached. To underline the style of this bike, you can use our solorack, which is simply mounted instead of the pillion seat. Quick-access items can be stored in a Hepco&Becker tank bag on our Lock-it tank ring. Small rear bags find their place on the minirack. If you prefer to ride with a topcase, you can mount it on our Alu- / Easyrack. For an enhanced rebellious look, our headlight grille and the Sissybar, which is available with or without a rear rack.  With the engine guard, the Rebel is also well protected in the event of an accident.


Gasoline is in the air....

04. October2021 - BMW S 1000 R (2021-)
BMW S 1000 R (2021-)

According to BMW, its new S 1000 R knows no resting pulse. We took a closer look at the superbike in our development forge and were also able to make this bike suitable for travelling. Quick-access items such as wallets or mobile phones find their ideal place in a Hepco&Becker tank bag, which can be quickly and easily mounted on the Lock-it tank ring. Our discreet C-Bow holder system is ideal for side bags. The Royster side bags are an excellent match for this model.  For a sporty look, we have developed a Sportrack.  This can carry either our Lock-it rear bags or smaller rear bags that can be lashed down. If you want to transport larger soft luggage, you can do so with our rear rack enlargement, which is simply attached to the Sportrack.

Developed for freedom lovers

21. October 2021 - YAMAHA XSR 125 (2021-)
YAMAHA XSR 125 (2021-)

This is how YAMAHA advertises its new XSR 125. We took a closer look at this 125ccm bike and developed a discreet C-Bow holder. With the matching side bags, you can carry quite a bit on it. For small rear bags we have developed our Minirack with a loading capacity of up to 3kg. Our engine guard offers protection against accidental contact with the ground. For driving schools, there is a front and rear guar. If you only want discreet protection at the rear, you will be happy with our additional rear guard bow, which can be mounted not only on its own but also in combination with our rear guard.


Typical Moto Guzzi - Character and Chrisma

10. August 2021 - MOTO GUZZI V7 Special / Stone / Stone Centenario (2021-)
MOTO GUZZI V7 Special / Stone / Stone Centenario (2021-)

With this in mind, Moto Guzzi probably set to work on its new V7 (850cc). We took the elegant bike straight to our workshop and tried to combine function with design and, above all, to optimise it. We succeeded well with the side carrier in black or chrome. The C-Bow holder, also available in black or chrome, also meets these requirements. Our rear racks tube type fit perfectly with the design of the V7, so that it almost seems as if they are included ex works. With the Twinlight Set we achieve an additional "Classic Touch". The center stand is extremely practical for maintenance work or simply for safer parking. Optimum protection and style is achieved with our engine guard - again in black coating or chrome.

Stronger, more modern and better - The 4th generation

10. September 2021 - DUCATI Multistrada V 4 / S / Sport (2021-)
DUCATI Multistrada V 4 / S / Sport (2021-)

DUCATI presents its new Multistrada V4 models in 2021 in the fourth generation. We took the bike straight into our home and started a widely development. The result is our practical Xplorer Cutout Set for maximum storage space for long trips. For small weekend tours, our C-Bow holder is ideal; our special C-Bow bags and cases can be attached to it quickly and easily. Your wallet and mobile phone can be safely stored in the Hepco&Becker tank bag on the Lock-it tank ring. There is room for a top case on the Alu-/Easyrack. Soft luggage can be lashed to our rear rack enlargement. Our side stand enlargement with its enlarged support ensures a better stand. Further protection is provided by our engine guard and the handle guard. Both items are available in black and also in matching red, identical to the colour of the bike's paintwork.


Robust all-rounder on two wheels

02. August 2021 - HARLEY-DAVIDSON Pan America / Special (2021-)
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Pan America / Special (2021-)

This is HARLEY-DAVIDSON's new Pan America / Special. The all-rounder was equipped with a special Xplorer cutout set in our development forge. The difference to our other cutout sets lies in the detail - instead of a normal stainless steel carrier, we have developed a black coated side carrier to match the dark beauty. Matching the Xplorer Cutout Set are our Xplorer Topcases, which provide additional storage space and can be mounted either on the Alurack or Easyrack. If you don't want a top case but prefer to take a small rear bag, you can mount it on our Minirack. For larger rear bags, we recommend our rear rack enlargement. Quickly accessible items can be stowed in a Hepco&Becker tank bag. When refuelling, the tank bag can be removed quickly thanks to the Lock-it tank ring. Our side stand plate ensures a secure stand.

Adventure without limits

04. August 2021 - HONDA X-ADV (2021-)
HONDA X-ADV (2021-)

That's what HONDA promises with its revised new X-ADV touring scooter. Since we had also developed a wide range of accessories for the previous model, we also took the new 2021 version into our house. In no time at all, we developed a brand new C-Bow holder for smaller luggage and a brand new side carrier. There is also a matching pillion handle. To make the best use of the rear of the scooter, we have designed an Alu-/ Easyrack for the topcase attachment. Smaller rear bags can also be stored in the Minirack. Protection is provided by our sturdy engine guard, which is available in black or silver. If you want full protection, you can also fit the front guard - this is attached to the engine guard. We also recommend our handle guard and the side stand enlargement. We also have something for the eye in our range: a decorative bracket for the muffler and a stylish fender guard.


Robust bike for intense riding fun!

26. July 2021 - ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan (2021-)
ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan (2021-)

ROYAL ENFIELD has given its 2021 Himalayan a facelift and made a few more upgrades to it. We took a closer look at the changes. Due to the modifications in the rear area, we developed a new Alu- / Easyrack for the original rack. The Hepco&Becker C-Bow holder, Lock-it tank ring and the fixed side carrier and matching heat shield from the previous model from 2018 also fit the new 2021 model.

Brand new cruiser from India

28. July 2021 - ROYAL ENFIELD Meteor 350 (2021-)
ROYAL ENFIELD Meteor 350 (2021-)

With the Meteor 350, ROYAL ENFIELD is bringing its new cruiser to the streets of this world this year. Of course, we parked this bike directly in our development workshop and got to work. The result is a decent C-Bow holder in black or with a chrome-coloured "wing" for smaller luggage from our house. Not only nice to look at, but also super practical is our black rear rack tube type on which smaller rear bags can be attached. We recommend our Legacy Rearbag Leather, which is available in four colours.


High-tech bike with long-distance comfort

07. July 2021 - YAMAHA Tracer 9 / GT (2021-)
YAMAHA Tracer 9 / GT (2021-)

For touring fans, YAMAHA now offers the new Tracer 9 / GT. We had the GT on the lifting platform in our development workshop and of course got straight to work! Since the GT is already available with factory side carriers, we thought about how to make this tourer even more suitable for travelling. Our workshop team then developed an Alu-/ Easyrack so that a topcase can also be fitted. Soft luggage can be optimally attached to our rear rack enlargement. A Hepco&Becker tank bag can be mounted on the Lock-it tank ring. Our engine guard including protection pad provides protection in the event of unintentional ground contact. A side stand enlargement and other accessories are already in preparation.

Radically styled hyper naked bike

09. July 2021 - YAMAHA MT-09 (2021-)
YAMAHA MT-09 (2021-)

The new MT-09 from the Japanese motocycle manufacturer YAMAHA recently paid us a visit. Our hard-working workshop team took a closer look at the "Princess of Darkness", as YAMAHA calls her, and made her fit for travel. Our side bags and cases with the groundbreaking C-Bow system can be quickly and securely attached to the model-specific C-Bow holder. Quickly accessible items can be stored in a Hepco&Becker tank bag on the Lock-it tank ring. Small rear bags can be stored on the minirack. A top case mounted on the Alu- / Easyrack can provide additional storage space. The engine guard - equipped with a protection pad - protects the most sensitive part of the bike. Further practical accessories are already in preparation and will be tackled during the princess's next visit.


1099cc Superbike at its best

28. June 2021 - APRILIA Tuono V4 Factory / RSV4 / RSV4 Factory (2021-)
APRILIA Tuono V4 Factory / RSV4 / RSV4 Factory (2021-)

APRILIA has unleashed its racing models Tuono V4 Factory / RSV4 / RSV4 Factory on the streets. These bikes are not really intended for weekend trips or longer tours. But one or the other uses his bike maybe to go to the lake. So that this works without problems, our development forge has developed a shapely Sportrack on which, for example, our Royster Rearbag Lock-it can be fixed. If you prefer side bags or are looking for more storage space, you can also quickly mount the Royster side bags on the discreet Hepco&Becker C-Bow holder. Arrived at the lake, the bike is also safer on our side stand enlargement. So... quickly to the Hepco&Becker online store (or to a specialist dealer) and then off to the lake!

"Once you ride one, you never get off."

29. June 2021 - HONDA NC 750 X / DCT (2021-)
HONDA NC 750 X / DCT (2021-)

That's what HONDA says about its new NC 750 X / DCT. This clever all-rounder is fun not only in the city but also on longer rides. To make this as comfortable as possible, we have developed a good load of accessories. In addition to a side carrier, we also have a C-Bow holder for side luggage. We have also generously equipped the rear. Here there is a Minirack for small rear bags and an Alu- or Easyrack for the topcase attachment. Our main stand is ideal for maintenance work. Our side stand enlargement ensures a secure stand on uneven ground. Optimum protection in the event of unintentional ground contact is provided by our engine guard including protection pad. For driving schools, we offer a special front guard. A rear guard and a skid plate (also one for the DCT) is already in preparation.


The three-cylinder engine gets another boost!

14. June 2021 - TRIUMPH Trident 660 (2021-)
TRIUMPH Trident 660 (2021-)

TRIUMPH's Trident 660 we had already in April in our development forge, but we thought "There's still something!" and have the bike again under the magnifying glass. The result is an extremely stylish two-tone (red-black) belly pan, a not only chic but also practical rear rack tube type and a very smart headlight grilles. The side stand enlargement announced back in April was also part of the second round and will be available soon.

The ride doesn't end just because the road has stopped...

23. June 2021 - KTM 890 Adventure (2021-)
KTM 890 Adventure (2021-)

There it is, the new KTM 890 Adventure! This terrific adventure tourer recently left our development workshop. Our pros now have a rich range of accessories at the ready: an asymmetrical side carrier that makes it possible to attach two cases in spite of the high exhaust. If you prefer it symmetrical, you will be very happy with our Xplorer Cutout Set. This set includes a stainless steel carrier as well as a 40L Xplorer and a cut-out 37L Xplorer case - optionally in silver or black. Our discreet C-Bow holder is ideal for a short weekend trip. Wallet and smartphone can be stored in a tank bag, which can be attached to our Lock-it tank ring in a flash. When strolling around town, the helmet can be stored in a top case. This can be mounted on our Alu-/ Easyrack. Soft luggage finds its place on our rear rack enlargement. Certainly the highlight of our development experts is the engine guard, which is directly available in 3 colours - coated in black, orange or as a stainless steel version. Additional protection is provided by our handle guard and the stylish headlight grille with its bold off-road look. Our side stand enlargement offers a more secure stand thanks to the generous widening of the side stand foot.


"Drives like a big one."

19. April 2021 - HONDA CB 125 F (2021-)
HONDA CB 125 F (2021-)

That's what HONDA says about its new CB 125 F. We went straight to work on this little beginner's bike. Probably a very important accessory for novice drivers is our newly developed engine guard, which protects the fine piece in case of accidents.

In order to ride the bike longer on the weekend, we have developed a minirack on which small rear bags, such as the Hepco&Becker Street rear bag Lock-it, can be quickly mounted. Who also wants to accommodate his helmet or is generally interested on more storage space, should take a closer look at our Alu- or Easyrack. A Hepco&Becker top case can be easily attached to these rear carriers, which are available from us in an abundant selection.

Especially for driving schools, we also offer a sturdy front guard.

Stunning three-cylinder!

26. April 2021 - TRIUMPH Trident 660 (2021-)
TRIUMPH Trident 660 (2021-)

TRIUMPH unleashes its powerful Trident 660 onto the streets. Although this agile bike has a slightly spartan rear, nothing stands in the way of carrying luggage with our systems. Our C-Bow holder allows the lightning-fast secure mounting of Hepco&Becker C-Bow bags and cases. Our Alu- or Easyrack system is suitable for topcase enthusiasts. A Hepco&Becker topcase can be mounted on it without any problems. If you don't want to ride a top case on your sporty Trident, you can strap a soft bag to our mini-rack or take advantage of the quick Lock-it system with the Street rear bag Lock-it. Of course, we also have a tank ring Lock-it in the program, so that even everyday items, without a backpack on the back, can be transported easily. In our range we have a lush selection of different sizes and shapes of tank bags, so everyone can find their perfect tank bag. For protection in the event of accidental contact with the ground, we recommend mounting our engine guard. A side stand enlargement is already in preparation.

Especially for driving schools we offer a front and rear guard.


Perfectly balanced and in top form!

25. March 2021 - APRILIA RS / Tuono 660 (2020-)
APRILIA RS / Tuono 660 (2020-)

This is APRILIA's new RS / Tuono 660. We also "invited" this bike into our development department and got straight to work on the development of useful accessories. Is it possible to carry luggage and keep the sporty look? No problem with our Sportrack! This is simply attached in place of the pillion seat and allows quick mounting of rear panniers. For the daily necessities we recommend our tank ring Lock-it in combination with a Hepco&Becker tank bag. Longer distances are no problem with the 660, as a Hepco&Becker side bag / case can be quickly attached to our C-Bow holder.

Modern technology without frills

31. March 2021 - INDIAN FTR 1200 / S / R Carbon / Rally (2019-)
INDIAN FTR 1200 / S / R Carbon / Rally (2019-)

INDIAN MOTORCYCLE has designed its 2019 FTR 1200 for fun on the road. In the meantime, there are also other versions of this model and since the manufacturer itself does not offer many luggage transport options, we took this flat tracker into the development forge. The spartan rear end, the few mounting points and the very high muffler on the right side make it really difficult to fit luggage here. But, of course, our workshop professionals were able to find a solution and have developed a single-sided C-Bow holder. In addition, there is a stylish rear rack tube type, so that various rear bags can also be attached quickly and securely, for example, by means of straps.


Every day a new adventure with Neo Sports Café

25. February 2021 - HONDA CB 650 R (2021-)
HONDA CB 650 R (2021-)

HONDA has pimped its CB 650 R a bit more this year. The bike in the new design came to visit our development department and has received an all-round equipment. The small weekend tour can be mastered with the C-Bow holder and a matching side bag. Smaller utensils find space in a Hepco&Becker tank bag, which can be mounted on the tank ring Lock-it. For the rear we offer another range of luggage racks: The Minirack - ideal for smaller rear bags, an Alu- or Easyrack for topcase mounting and a Sportrack, which is mounted instead of the pillion seat. The black engine guard, including protection pad, protects the bike in the event of an overturn. For driving schools we offer a front guard, rear guard and the Solid engine guard. A better stand is provided by the sidestand enlargement, which offers a wider support surface.

The "dark attraction"

11. March 2021 - YAMAHA MT-07 (2021-)
YAMAHA MT-07 (2021-)

With its MT-07 Yamaha has a real sales hit in the mid-range segment of motorcycles. This "master of torque" was already in our development forge shortly after its presentation in 2014 and has been visiting there every now and then since then. So now again in 2021. We have now expanded our range of accessories with a minirack, which is now also available for the two previous versions. The discreet Hepco&Becker C-Bow holder is suitable for carrying luggage on the side for weekend-trips. However, if you want to take more luggage, you should take a closer look at our side carrier Lock-it. The tank ring Lock-it suitable for this model has received a small update, as well as our proven Alu-/ Easy- and Sportrack. The new engine guard incl. protectionpad also protects this model in the event of a fall. Our side stand enlargement again provides a better stand, and our center stand is particularly suitable for maintenance work. Especially for driving schools, our front and rear guard is interesting and worth a closer look.


Powerful bike

03. Februar 2021 - KAWASAKI Z H2 (2020-)
KAWASAKI Z H2 (2020-)

KAWASAKI has sent its 2020 Z H2 with powerful supercharged 998 cc on the roads. To make traveling possible even with this sporty bike, we have developed a discreet C-Bow holder so that our C-Bow bags can be attached to the sides. If you are looking for a rear solution, you can simply mount our Sportrack in seconds instead of the pillion seat. For everyday items such as wallet or cell phone, a Hepco&Becker tank bag is suitable, which can be attached quickly and easily to our tank ring Lock-it. Finally, our side stand enlargement provides a more secure stand on unstable ground such as meadows or gravel.

The small naked bike for great riding fun

03. Februar 2021 - HONDA CB 125 R (2021-)
HONDA CB 125 R (2021-)

HONDA has taken its CB 125 R for 2021 again to task and adapted it for the EURO 5 standard. Of course, we did not wait either and did the same! We have now developed a new engine guard for the 2021 model, so that this bike is also still protected on the roads. All other items of the previous model are also suitable for the new model. Thus, the bike can also be equipped with the C-Bow holder, Sportrack, Minirack and tank ring Lock-it for weekend trips. Also for this new version, the practical side stand enlargement is suitable.


High-performance bike - the birth of a legend...

24. November 2020 - TRIUMPH Rocket 3 R / GT (2020-)
TRIUMPH Rocket 3 R / GT (2020-)

TRIUMPH promises this with its new Rocket 3 R / GT. The Roadster is available in two versions: as R version and as GT with standard mounted sissybar. For both models we have developed a C-Bow holder. This is also available from us, stylistically matching, in chrome.
This makes travelling with both models comfortable and practical.

Donation handover Kinderschutzbund e.V.

15. December 2020
Donation handover Kinderschutzbund e.V.

The smallest among us need the greatest support.

That's why we were particularly keen to support the Kinderschutzbund with a donation again this year. The money will be used to help children who need breakfast outside their homes. In the "School Breakfast" campaign, around 150 children at several schools in Pirmasens receive a daily snack.

The check was handed over by our boss Paul Ehrhardt Jr. to the first chairman of the association, Manfred Auer, and his deputy Ria Baumgart.


Experience new horizons with the legend.

16. November 2020 - YAMAHA Ténéré 700 Rally (2020-)
YAMAHA Ténéré 700 Rally (2020-)

With the Rally Edition of the Ténéré 700, YAMAHA is launching a very special model in 2020. In honor of the 1979 Paris-Dakar Rally, the Japanese manufacturer launched its T700s with the blue-yellow racing paint, among other models. We already have a lavish equipment for the normal T700 of the year 2019 in our assortment, which is also suitable for the Rally Edition. Brand new, however, is our special tank guard Rally, which stands out with its 5-point connection to the motorcycle frame and additional stiffening plates at the lower nodal point. The double front joining and screwing of the two halves of the tank guard lead to an optimal distribution of forces in case of a fall. Tight-fitting and sporty design with best possible power dissipation into existing frame points. Also the matching crash bar bag set V1 is available for this edition. The bracket can be combined with the original skid plate. The innovative design with the high-strength plastic coating is unmistakable. With the function clearly in focus, it becomes clear: this tank guard was developed for tough, uncompromising use in difficult terrain.

Muscular, fearsome beast!

23. November 2020 - KTM 1290 Super Duke R (2020-)
KTM 1290 Super Duke R (2020-)

This is how KTM calls its new 1290 Super Duke R with its new chassis. We brought the beast into our halls and directly started to develop useful accessories! The C-Bow holder is available for taking luggage sideways on weekends or for shorter trips. Instead of the pillion seat our Sportrack can be mounted. For quick access to the tank, our tank bags are suitable, which find a secure hold on the Lock-it tank ring. A special development is our extremely discreet but very stable engine guard including protection pad, which comes in orange color and thus adapts absolutely inconspicuously to the overall appearance of the bike. It has been constructed in such a way that it can hardly be distinguished from the frame and still has the necessary stability in case of a fall.


The Boxer with the largest displacement...

19. October 2020 - BMW R18 (2020-)
BMW R18 (2020-)

... that BMW has ever built. This is the Bavarian manufacturer's new R18. This strong character boxer with impressive cylinders invites you to cruise! For weekend trips with this beauty, a small possibility to take luggage with you would be extremely practical, so we set out to develop a discreet C-Bow holder. And with great results! The C-Bow holder is available in a minimalist look - in matching black - and in stylish chrome. This way the trip can be extended by one or two days.

"A true world first!"

12. November 2020 - MASH X-Ride 650 Classic (2020-)
MASH X-Ride 650 Classic (2020-)

This is what the manufacturer MASH claims about its brandnew X-Ride 650 Classic. We took a closer look at this off-road bike and came to the conclusion, that a little more protection would do the bike good. Therefore, we have developed a solid engine guard in black. For protection, but even more to enhance the classic off-road look, we have developed a headlight grilles. Whoever has expected a luggage solution now will not be disappointed by us! Our brand new Xtravel rear bag M can easily be lashed securely on the pillion seat or the original rear rack. Also our Royster Rearbag, or the Sport version of it, can be lashed practicably on the passenger seat.


Reliability from the Far East!?

19. October 2020 - VOGE 500 R (2020-)
VOGE 500 R (2020-)

The new Naked Bike 500 R from VOGE - behind it is the Chinese BMW partner Loncin - is still unknown in the European market, but this can change very quickly due to the good price-performance ratio. We therefore took a close look at the two-cylinder and set about developing useful products. With the C-Bow holder, our C-Bow bags/cases can be mounted quickly and easily, while the Lock-it tank ring allows the mounting of our tank bags. The helmet can be stored in a top case on our Alu- / Easyrack. Small rear bags can be attached to the Minirack. In case of unwanted ground contact, our engine guard protects the bike from bad damage.

New look - familiar quality!

20. October 2020 - Street Facelift
Street Facelift 2020

Our proven STREET bag with the unbeatable price-performance ratio is now available with a facelift!

The effective packing volume of 12 liters per bag does not change! Inner bag with roll top closure, which is waterproof. The rubberized zipper, which makes it difficult for water to enter the bag, is also retained. As material solidly worked polyester was used.

So don't worry: Different design, familiar quality!


Naked Bike without compromise

31. August 2020 - KTM 890 Duke R (2020-)
KTM 890 Duke R (2020-)

KTM's new 890 Duke R has the popular features of its smaller sister model, the 790 Duke, but adds a little more power. Racetrack or mountain road doesn't matter, the bike manages both without any problems. We at Hepco&Becker turn this high-performance machine into a little tourer! Due to the usual high exhaust situation we have developed a one-sided (left) C-Bow holder. For the exhaust there is a heat shield, which protects luggage or passenger. The rear offers the ability to mount an Alu- / Easyrack or a Minirack. If you don't want to have anything bulky at the rear and don't have a pillion rider, you will be happy with our Sportrack, which is simply mounted instead of the pillion seat. The Lock-it tankring is a great way to attach one of our tank bags. For the protection of the bike we have an engine guard incl. protection pads in black and also in KTM - orange in our assortment.

DUCATI's new power naked bike

12. October 2020 - DUCATI Streetfighter V4 / S (2020-)
DUCATI Streetfighter V4 / S (2020-)

- the Streetfighter V4 / S - is not a bike for long tours, but for the way to the race track you have to be able to accommodate various small items such as your wallet or smartphone. The limited mounting points of the rear end didn't make it easy for our development department, but they did it! The discreet C-Bow holder makes a fine figure on this bike. It allows a wide range of our C-Bow bags and cases to be mounted quickly and easily. Then even the lunch fits into the luggage... .


Satisfy your restless spirit

01. Juli 2020 - KTM 390 Adventure (2020-)
KTM 390 Adventure (2020-)

KTM recommends this with its brand new 390 Adventure. Sporty design combined with a vivid travel experience. This bike had to go straight to our development forge, so our development team had to work on it. The result: a comprehensive range of accessories! Perfect for small spins or everyday rides, our discreet C-Bow holder is the perfect choice. For longer tours you are ideally equipped with the side case holder and the matching cases. If you need even more storage space or are simply looking for a place for your helmet, one of our top cases and the Alu- or Easyrack will do just fine. Small rear bags can be attached to the Minirack. Larger bags can also be strapped to the rea rack enlargement. Wallet and smartphone find a quickly accessible place in a tank bag, which can be attached to the Lock-it tank ring in seconds. Even with protective parts our development was not stingy! An engine guard in black or orange fits perfectly to the new piece of jewellery, while the lamp guard supports the additional off-road look. The side stand enlargement ensures a better stand. In preparation is already a handle guard in matching black color.

Freedom to travel for your tour!

08. July 2020 - TRIUMPH Tiger 900 Rally / GT / Pro (2020-)
TRIUMPH Tiger 900 Rally / GT / Pro (2020-)

In 2020, TRIUMPH comes up with its brandnew Tiger 900 Rally / GT / Pro and dares the balancing act between on- and off-road. We simply had to get our hands on this all-round talent: So that the luggage can be stowed away safely, we have developed a firmly bolted side carrier. The Lock-it tank ring ensures quick and easy installation of a Hepco&Becker tank bag. Topcases can be mounted on the Alu-/ Easyrack, while larger bags can be lashed down on the enlargement for rear racks. A stable straight stand is made possible by our center stand and for better lateral stability our side stand enlargement. Additional small luggage can be stored in the crash bar bag set. Our auxiliary headlights improve driving in the dark.

Of course, protective equipment cannot be missing, so there is a wide selection: Handle guard, headlight grilles, engine guard and tank guard. The latter two are even available in three versions: black, stainless steel and brand new: in "structure white"! In preparation is already the discreet C-Bow holder and a motor skid plate, which completes our protection system.



14. May 2020 - SUZUKI V-Strom 1050 / XT (2020-)
SUZUKI V-Strom 1050 / XT (2020-)

is our development forge for accessories for SUZUKI's new V-Strom 1050 / XT! We have now developed a handle guard for the XT model, which offers the offroad bike additional protection. We have also developed something for travelling: a firmly bolted side carrier!

This also fits to the normal V-Strom 1050. So there are no limits to this model and the adventure can begin... .

Freedom to travel for your tour!

24. June 2020 - BMW R 1250 RT (2019-)
BMW R 1250 RT (2019-)

The ultimate touring bike from BMW, the R 1250 RT already comes with a well-planned basic touring equipment. But our development department still sees a slight need for improvement here as well. Therefore, we have developed an Alu- / Easyrack for the original rear rack, so that a Hepco&Becker top case can be mounted quickly. The side stand enlargement ensures the safe standing of the "ship". All three articles are available. Now nothing stands in the way of the long journey!


Discover the world to your heart's content!

22. April 2020 - SUZUKI V-Strom 1050 (2020-)
SUZUKI V-Strom 1050 (2020-)

With SUZUKI's new V-Strom 1050 this can be managed without problems! But if you want to discover the world, you also need the odd piece of luggage. The Hepco&Becker side carrier Lock-it can be used to attach a wide range of our cases. The new Xtravel Basic bags can also be easily fitted with the supplied additional plate, which minimally moves the end of the exhaust. For those who need less luggage, our C-Bow holder and the matching bags / cases are the perfect solution. A Hepco&Becker tank bag is suitable for quickly accessible items such as mobile phones or wallets, which can be quickly and easily attached with the tank ring Lock-it. We also offer a selection of rear racks: Alu- / Easyrack for the original rack or a practical rear rack enlargement. The rear becomes more stable with our special support brace for the original rack. To protect the bike, we have developed an engine guard. We have also developed our protection bar bag set V1, which offers additional storage space for smaller things. The extended protection system also includes the attractive headlight grille. For even more light and better visibility, there is the LED Flooter Set, which can be attached to the engine guard. For the perfect stand, for example during maintenance work, our proven center stand is used and for safe lateral standing our side stand enlargement is suitable. A skid plate is currently in preparation.

Offroad adventure without limits

22. April 2020 - SUZUKI V-Strom 1050 XT (2020-)
SUZUKI V-Strom 1050 XT (2020-) now available with SUZUKI's new V-Strom 1050 XT version! The XT is the perfect travel companion for your next adventure! But this adventure becomes even more comfortable with one of our rear luggage carrier systems. A Hepco&Becker top case, for example, can be mounted in a flash on the Alu- or Easyrack, so you can pack one more pair of swimming trunks. For soft luggage or larger bags, the enlargement for rear racks is suitable, which offers many different possibilities for individual lashing. The rear becomes more stable with our special support brace for the original rear rack. A Hepco&Becker tank bag can also be attached in no time with the Lock-it tank ring. To protect the headlamp, our development department has developed a headlight grill. A better view when travelling is not to be underestimated, which is why our special LED Flooter is also a very good choice. Our side stand enlargement ensures a safe stand. Currently, a shapely and practical handle guard is in preparation.


Evil Muscle Cruiser

06. April 2020 - DUCATI Diavel 1260 / S (2019-)
DUCATI Diavel 1260 / S (2019-)

DUCATI's new Diavel 1260 / S makes a powerful but also effective appearance. We have also taken this powerful monster in to our hands and developed practical and visually matching motorcycle accessories. Although the minimalist rear section offers hardly any attachment points for luggage solutions, our development team was able to create a functional and visually appealing C-Bow holder. A rear luggage solution is unfortunately not possible here, but some things can also be stored in one of our tank bags. These can be mounted quickly and easily with our special Lock-it tank ring, thanks to the ingenious magnetic system. Our side stand enlargement ensures a safe stand.

Classic custom design with new light source

14. April 2020 - HONDA CMX 500 Rebel (2020-)
HONDA CMX 500 Rebel (2020-)

HONDA has further improved its CMX 500 Rebel for the year 2020. The fancy custom bike has now been equipped with an LED headlight. Our plenty accessories for the 2017 model are still suitable for the new 2020 Rebel, only the headlight grill is not compatible with the LED version, for this purpose we have developed our own headlight grilles especially for the 2020 version. Thus, the new machine can also be fully equipped.


The 2-cylinder predator is here!

17. March 2020 - YAMAHA MT-03 (2020-)
YAMAHA MT-03 (2020-)

YAMAHA has released its MT-03 with the brand new aggressive next generation MT design. We take this as an opportunity to adapt our useful and discreet C-Bow holder especially for the new MT-03. To the overall picture of the new bike fit our Royster side bags, which by their special design give the whole thing that certain something. With the Lock-it tankring, a Hepco&Becker tank bag can also be mounted in seconds. Our Sportrack is particularly stylish and also extremely practical. With the Lock-it rear bag adapter the street rear bag Lock-it or the soon available Royster Rearbag Sport Lock-it can be mounted super fast. Of course we do not want to leave the MT-03 completely defenceless, we are much too caring for that! Our stable and robust engine guard does not only look good with its plastic coating, but of course it also fulfills its real purpose: In case of a fall the engine remains undamaged and costly repairs can be avoided. Driving schools benefit from our specially developed front protection bar.


17. March 2020 - BEST BRAND 2020
Best Brand 2020 all MOTORRAD readers who voted us once again to the top of the BEST BRAND Voting in the category "luggage systems"!
We will continue to do our best to develop tailor-made and high-quality accessories for your bike.


Minimalistic design used to the maximum!

05. March 2020 - YAMAHA MT-125 (2020-)
YAMAHA MT-125 (2020-)

YAMAHA's new MT-125 again embodies the "Dark Side of Japan" and comes as usual in a minimalist look. So we say: "Challenge accepted!" With the original Hepco&Becker tank ring Lock-it you can easily fit for example the tank bag Royster Daypack, the patented FidLock magnetic attachment makes this possible within a short time. The new Royster Rearbag Sport (as a belt version) fits perfectly on the passenger seat of the bike. The small bag has a volume expansion through an all around zipper. The integrated waterproof inner bag protects the contents from wetness and dirt. The new rear bag of the Royster - family is the smaller and sportier version of the large rear bag (17 - 19 liters) and holds 11 - 15 liters with an empty weight of just 1 kg. The attachment is very easy with the supplied lashing straps. We have developed an engine guard so that the machine is protected in the best possible way in the event of unintentional ground contact. For driving schools we offer a front protection bar.

Sporting long distance performance

10. March 2020 - BMW F900 XR (2020-)
BMW F900 XR (2020-)

With BMW’s new F 900 XR you can be on the road very sporty without missing comfort on long tours. On longer tours it is necessary to have storage space for your luggage. Here we help with our practical C-Bow carrier and a selection of suitable bags and cases. With the Lock-it tank ring, carrying small everyday items such as wallet and smartphone is no longer a problem. Simply click on a Hepco&Becker tankbag and you ´re done. Additional storage space you can get with a topcase which fits on the alurack or the easyrack. Smaller universal rear bags can be attached on the minirack. Also practical: Our street rear bag Lock-it for the minirack! It comes with the Lock it rear bag adapter and is ounted by a patented magnetic attachment. The ideal solution for small travel utensils and the most necessary items, for quick transportation. Our engine guard with protection pads provides optimum protection for the machine in case of a fall. All-round protection is provided by a front and rear guard. Our side stand plate ensures a better stand. Currently in preparation is also an Alu- / Easyrack for the original BMW rack and a side case carrier for cases


No limits in customizing!

03. February 2020 - HARLEY-DAVIDSON Softail Street Bob (2018-)
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Softail Street Bob (2018-)

HARLEY-DAVIDSON's new Softail Street Bob comes in a minimalist but tough bobber style with some updates. But one thing is crystal clear: A Harley needs special saddlebags. We have a lot to offer here! With our specially engineered C-Bow holders, which are available in black and chrome, all our leather C-Bow bags can be mounted quickly and easily. Classic and authentic, our leather bag Liberty, for example, looks great on the new Street Bob! This bag does not need any rivets, but we also have something for rivet lovers, for example the Buffalo Custom. If you don't like complete leather bags or rivets, you might be happier with our Legacy Collection. Made from a durable linen and leather combination, these bags are available in two sizes and two colours. If you want to enhance the look of your bike not only with bags and also want a function, you should be patient for a while and wait for our engine guards, which are still in preparation.

Master challenges precisely!

03. March 2020 - BMW F900 R (2020-)
BMW F900 R (2020-)

This is what motorcycle manufacturer BMW had in mind when developing its new F900 R. Precise and direct reactions for ideal cornering on the new bike. Externally, the 900 looks like an oversized powerhouse with an aggressive front. The standard version comes with some cool gadgets, including a coloured TFT display with BMW Motorrad Connectivity, LED headlights & indicators, automatic stability control, a 12V socket, two riding modes, and much more. The water-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine with 105 hp and 895 ccm displacement has a fuel consumption of approx. 4.2 l / 100 km and a 13 l tank. Not quite practical for long tours, but nothing stands in the way of shorter trips! For this reason we have developed a model-specific C-Bow holder as well as a Lock-it tank ring. Our two topcase carrier variants Alu- / Easyrack are also available for the F900 R. The Minirack is suitable for small rear bags. For a sufficient protection of the bike we have an engine guard including protection pad. Our side stand enlargement ensures a safe stand. We have developed a front and rear protection bar especially for driving schools. Meanwhile we are preparing an aluminium and easyrack for the original rack.


Always pushing to the limit!

13. January 2020 - BMW S 1000 RR (2019-)
BMW S 1000 RR (2019-)

BMW tops itself in the Racing Sport sector with its new S 1000 RR. With a 207 hp engine, the super sport bike comes across the road extremely well. This machine was definitely built for the racetracks of the world, but what is the reason why this beautiful model should not be used on the streets in everyday life? In our opinion nothing at all! That's why we have developed a C-Bow carrier, tank ring Lock-it and a Sportrack for everyday use of the super sport bike. So nothing stands in the way of daily use.

The new off-road talent

07. January 2020 - HONDA CRF 1100 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2020-)
HONDA CRF 1100 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2020-)

HONDA launches the CRF 1100 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports with all kinds of innovations in 2020. Of course we will not let this model slip through our fingers! Our latest luggage accessories consist of the Xplorer Cutout Set, a firmly bolted side carrier, tank ring Lock-it, rear rack enlargement and of course an Alu-/ Easyrack. To protect the bike we have developed an engine and a tank guard, handle guard and a lamp guard. Especially for the tank guard we also offer a stiffening bracket for even more stability. Also available is our protection bar bag set V1, a center stand, the corresponding center stand protection plate and a side stand enlargement plate. In preparation is already our C-Bow holder and a skid plate.


„Sportiness meets ergonomics“

9. December 2019 - BMW R 1250 RS (2019-)
BMW R 1250 RS (2019-)

BMW's new R 1250 RS convinces with its 136 hp engine and 143 NM torque. The modified front with the new engine spoiler results in a sportier and more aerodynamic look and is nevertheless absolutely suitable for touring. Perfect for Hepco&Becker accessories! For the new model we developed a Lock-it side carrier and a C-Bow holder. With the rear rack enlargement additional luggage can be stowed. But if you are not the soft bag type, you can also mount a topcase with our alu- or easyrack (with special tube carrier or for the original rack). A tank bag can be attached with the Lock-it tank ring. For protection, we have developed an engine guard in three colours and the matching bracing bow for off-road use as well as a cardan protection. Safer stand on uneven ground provides the side stand enlargement.


07. January 2020 - HONDA CRF 1100 L Africa Twin (2019-)
HONDA CRF 1100 L Africa Twin (2019-)

With the new CRF 1100 L Africa Twin, HONDA made further strong gains at the end of 2019!

With 1,084 cc, the liquid-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine of the new Africa Twin has another 86 cc more than its predecessor CRF 1000 L. As with the recently improved Africa Twin, the new bike also invites you to go on extensive tours. So that you can fully enjoy your trip we have developed a lot of accessories.

As for example the Xplorer Cutout Set, a permanently fixed side case carrier, C-Bow holder, tank ring Lock-it, engine and tank guard, lamp guard, center stand and much more. The best is to visit our shop and check out the complete offer.


1.200ccm pure Power

9. October 2019 - TRIUMPH Scrambler 1200 XC / XE (2019-)
TRIUMPH Scrambler 1200 XC / XE (2019-)

The new Scrambler 1200 XC / XE from TRIUMPH have the engine power of the Bonneville Twin for the first time and, according to the English manufacturer, are suitable for both road and off-road action. The bikes are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the disengageable ABS and disengageable traction control. With the 5 riding modes road, rain, sport, off-road and an independently programmable mode, the bike can be adapted to any conditions.

If you are thinking about touring while having fun, we will be happy to help you out! With our - due to the exhaust situation - one-sided left C-Bow holder we make it possible to take your luggage sideways. A rear bag can be attached to the pipe rear rack. An optimal protective effect is achieved by our engine guard. The lamp guard ensures the optimum off-road look and protects the headlight from flying stones. In our development we are currently working at high pressure on a main stand, a sidecase carrier and a top case suitable rear rack. One can remain tense…

Racier, more adrenalin-packed, more rider-friendly

25. November 2019 - DUCATI Hypermotard 950 / SP (2019-)
DUCATI Hypermotard 950 / SP (2019-)

promises the Italian motorcycle manufacturer DUCATI with its brand new Hypermotard 950 / SP. With an output of 114 hp, the red flash easily reaches the 210 km/h mark.

The 937 ccm Testastretta 11° two-cylinder engine is 1.5kg lighter and has a power increase of 4 hp. When you see the bike, your fingers itch. Of course, we at Hepco&Becker

are not immune and have started directly with the development of accessories. Slim and extremely practical, the C-Bow holder proves to be the perfect carrier for side luggage.

A tank bag can also be mounted quickly and safely with our Lock-it tank ring. The Minirack is suitable for smaller rear bags. To ensure that the bike can stand securely on gravel or

other rather unpaved surfaces, we recommend our side stand enlargement.


Next Horzion

28. August 2019 - YAMAHA Ténéré 700 (2019-)
YAMAHA Ténéré 700 (2019-)

Equipped with a quiet, economical and at the same time powerful 698 ccm 4-stroke CP2 in-line engine and a brand new chassis, the new Ténéré is finally on sale! We at Hepco&Becker have been looking forward to the sales date for a long time and have now finally a copy of this new adventure gold piece in development! It is clear to us that there must be a comprehensive protection package for this jewel, which is why we have developed an engine guard, tank guard, headlight protection and handle protection guard. For the long tours we have a Xplorer Cutout Set and the matching toolbox Cutout in our program. For more light we have our auxiliary spotlights, the LED Flooter. But this is only the beginning of our comprehensive accessory program for YAMAHA's new Ténéré 700...

60s Roadster

10. September 2019 - ROYAL ENFIELD Interceptor 650 (2018-)
ROYAL ENFIELD Interceptor 650 (2018-)

With the Interceptor INT 650, ROYAL ENFIELD has revived the roadster concept of the 1960s. With the particularly wide and comfortable handlebars, the quilted double seat and the teardrop-shaped tank, the relaxed style of the motorcycles of the time comes into its own.

With the C-Bow holder, Hepco-Becker C-Bow bags or cases can be fastened completely easy-peasy. So that the pillion rider also fits comfortably on it, you should get the pillion footrest installation in addition. Our pipe rear rack is suitable for rear bags.


Classic bike with a new look

24. July 2019 - KAWASAKI W800 Street / Café (2019-)
KAWASAKI W800 Street / Café

Kawasaki´s W800 returns with a 773ccm, 48hp engine and a new look.
The high quality lacquered tank of the new W 800 Street/Café has an increased capacity of 1 liter - which makes it big enough for the weekend trips - where we have the right parts for:
The discreet C-bow carrier for our C-bow bags. Two different rear racks - one for putting topcases and one not. If you plan bigger trips we recommend our complete carrier - side and topcase can be fixed on one carrier. The relocation kit of the pillion footrests enhances the comfort of the pillion rider. Our engine guard protects the bike and the railing /pillion grab rail provides the retro look of the bike

Scooter of the year 2018

05. July 2019 - KYMCO Xciting S 400i ABS (2019-)
KYMCO Xciting S 400i ABS (2019-)

Elected by the readers of the Scootzer magazine Motoretta. The new Xciting S 400i ABS has the new Kymco Noodoe Cockpit, an adjustable windscreen and even an USB connection in the glove compartment. But where to put the helmet or other accessories? Therefore we have an Alu-/Easyrack on which you can put any of our topcases. If you dońt like topcases you can use our Minirack on which you can put smaller soft luggage.


The sound of freedom

05. July 2019 - HONDA CBR 500 R (2019-)
HONDA CBR 500 R (2019-)
The unique, agressiv sound of Hondas new CBR 500 lets sport bikes riders hearts beat faster.
With the adjustable suspension you can go high speed on the highway or go on relaxed tours on the countryside. On your tours some storage space would be useful. We recommend our C-bow carrier for our side bags or our Lock it tankring for our tankbags. Also useful is the Alu-/Easyrack on which you can put some topcases. Perfect for your sportbike is our sportrack on which you can easily fasten your soft bags. Better stand on uneven ground is provided with our side stand enlarger.

Perfect riding accessory for your next adventure

07. June 2019 - KTM 790 Adventure / R (2019-)

With two brand new models, the 790 Adventure and the 790 Adventure R, KTM launches two innovative bikes for any hardcore adventurer. With the 20 liter fuel tank you can reach up to 450 km with both. To ensure that your next trip is hazzle-free, you can use our newly-developed assymetric side case carrier on which you can put all our side cases. If you are looking for a symmetric look in the back and increased storage space, we recommend the Xplorer cutout set. Hepco&Becker topcases can be fixed on our Alu-/ or Easyrack (for original rack or for the R-Version). On our rear rack enlargement you can put any soft luggage. Tank bags can be mounted on our Lock it tankring. If you make smaller tours and need less luggage our c-bow carrier is the right choice. Our protection parts range includes an engine guard, handle guard, lamp guard and a side stand enlargement.


Youngest representative of the Z-Series

23. May 2019 - KAWASAKI Z 400 (2019-)
KAWASAKI Z 400 (2019-)

Kawasaki introduced with its Supernaked Bike Z 400 a light and powerful machine – and we made the suitable luggage and protection parts. The C-bow holder, Lock-it tankring, Sportrack and side stand enlargement are already on stock. The unobstrusive engine guard will be ready soon. Especially for driving schools we have a front guard, so you can enjoy the new bike a longer time. Will be ready soon too. It´s worth to preorder…

New engine, better Handling and more accessories!

17. May 2019 - DUCATI Multistrada 1260 / S (2018-)
DUCATI Multistrada 1260 / S (2018-)

Ducati´s 2018 Multistrada 1260 / S was in our house for development again. Besides the already available C-bow holder, Lock-it Tankring, ALu-/Easyrack and the useful side stand plate we have now a side case carrier. For this asymmetric carrier we recommend our special Enduro case sets, which have enough space for all your trips. Also new is our handle guard, which protects the original handle guard and signal lights.


Garage-built custom style - which belongs on the streets

03. May 2019 - HARLEY-DAVIDSON Sportster Roadster XL 1200 (2017-)
Harley Davidson‘s Sportster Roadster with the blacked-out styling and its garage built look  and the 1200ccm V-Twin belongs on the streets of this world. So that the street does not get too close to your bike in the case of a mishap, we created an engine guard  - matching to the bike in black color. This strong, matching the design opf the bike created guard fits also the Iron 883 and Iron 1200 (2017-).
Our Rugged Cutout leatherbag holder is already in preparation.

Sharp contours and classic lines – EX and RS

29. April 2019 - HONDA CB 1100 EX / RS (2017-)
HONDA CB 1100 EX / RS (2017-)

As the history of our company has a strong connection to Honda´s CB 750 Four and the CB 1100 is a worthy successor of this classic bike, we got the CB into our development department also in 2019 for making some more accessories. Especially for the EX-Version we made a C-bow carrier and a side carrier. The Highlight: The C-bow carriers for the EX and RS are now available in chrome too.


News from our development:

24. April 2019 - BMW R nineT Scrambler (2016-)
BMW R nineT Scrambler (2016-)

We now have an one-sided (right side) C-bow holder for the BMW R nineT Scrambler. WE recommend the Legacy courier bag M (color: black or Green) or our Legacy briefcase (color: sand brown), available in our online shop

Tutto Terreno

01. April 2019 - MOTO GUZZI V85 TT (2019-)
MOTO GUZZI V85 TT (2019-)

That is what the double-T means at Moto Guzzi‘s new V85 TT. Stability and function are the prime attributes as well as they are for Hepco&Becker. Because of the high exhaust situation at enduro bikes a stable, asymetric side carrier is needed, on which you can mount easily our enduro side case sets. For topcases you can use our Alu-/Easyrack. On the Lock it tankring our tankbags are fixed quick and easy. If you go on shorter trips and do not like big luggage systems the C-bow system is the right choice: put on, lock it, drive off. The engine guard protects the engine in case of a mishap, the lamp guard and handle guard complete the offroad look and protect your bike. Save stand on uneven ground is asured with our side stand enlargement.


Return of a legend

25. March 2019 - TRIUMPH Speed Twin (2019-)
TRIUMPH Speed Twin (2019-)

The new 1200ccm custom roadster from Triumph - the Speed Twin- is equipped with up to date technology, it has 3 different drive modes (Sport, Street and Rain), an USB charger and LED lights. Our C-bow carrier fits perfectly to the shape of the bike and you can put all our C-bow bags on it. For a topcase we recommend our Alu- or Easyrack. Smaller bags can be fixed on our classic pipe rear rack. The engine guard prevents the bike from further damage if you drop it and can safe you high cost repairs.

Right into the big city jungle....or maybe not

19. March 2019 - HONDA CB 500 X (2019-)
HONDA CB 500 X (2019-)
With the new CB 500 X it is easy to take every turn. The bike has many features which makes it the ideal touring bike, but what about the luggage? Therefore we have the whole range of products! Our Lock it side carrier can be mounted and dismounted quickly. The pillion rider can grab the holding bow to stay on the bike. Topcases can be easily mounted on the Alu- or Easyrack. Small stuff finds its place in one of our tank bags on the Lock it tankring. The C-bow holder is for our smaller C-bow side bags. Better visability on dark streets is assured with the 3 high power LED lights (12V) of our LED flooter. Tank and engine guard protect the bike in case of any fall overs.
The side stand enlargement doubles the contact area of the side stand and assures a safe stand. Our center stand is ideal while getting gas or maintenance ( in preparation).
Driving schools benefit from our rear guard and front guard ( in preparation) due to better protection of the bike.

The streets are calling. Waiting for what?

18. March 2019 - HONDA CB 500 F (2019-)
HONDA CB 500 F (2019-)

This is how Honda is asking looking on their new CB 500 F. The stripped-down aggressive new silhouette of the roadster together with the tappered aluminium handlebars and full LED lighting let your heart beat faster. Thanks to the 48 hp liquid cooled parallel twin-cylinder accelerating from a standing start at a traffic light or racing through the slick six-speed gearbox at high rpm out on the open road is no problem. But anyway you are using this allround bike, with our C-bow carrier you can mount our side bags and on the Lock it tankring one of our tankbags. Small tail bags fit on our Minirack or Sportrack, of which the last one enhances the stylish look of the naked bike. Helmets can be put into our topcases, which can be fixed on the Alu- or Easyrack. The engine guard protects your bike, for driving schools we have additionally a front guard and a rear guard. To prevent your bike from drops on uneven ground we have a side stand enlargement.

Energetic Naked bike

08. March 2019 - HONDA CB 650 R (2019-)
HONDA CB 650 R (2019-)

Modified frame, new tank, updated footrests and 6 kg less weight then the previous modell. Honda´s CB 650 R from the Neo Sports Café family has now 5 hp more power, so the bike has now 95 hp. Key datas are fine, just missing the right accessories from us: The C-bow holder and the sportrack match the line of the bike and are installed quickly – also without any luggage. The Alu-/Easyrack allow you to mount a topcase. Small rear bags can be fixed on the Minirack. Our tankbags in combination with the lock it tankring are perfect to have the things you always need in sight – perfect to put your wallet, mobile phone etc. The engine guard with integrated Protection pad protects your bike in case of any mishap. Especially for driving schools we developed a front and a rear guard. The side stand plate ensures safe stand on uneven ground.


Wild side Ducati

07. March 2019 - DUCATI Multistrada 1260 Enduro (2019-)
DUCATI Multistrada 1260 Enduro (2019-)

With the Testastretta DVT 1262 engine in the new Multistrada 1260 Enduro the concept of adventure is enhanced. Like its predecessors also the new model comes with a lot of electronic, as example curve ABS, Ducati Wheelie Control, traction controll, hill start assist and many more. For touring you can equip the bike with our firmly bolted side carrier, or for short trips with our C-bow holder. On the Lock it tankring you can mount the tankbag Street Enduro or any of our other tank bags which you can find in our online shop If you plan any offroad trips or want to protect the bike we recommend our tank guard. Topcases can be mounted on our Alu- or Easyrack. The side stand enlargement assures safe stand on uneven ground.

British Classic Custom Bike

06. March 2019 - TRIUMPH Bonneville Speedmaster (2018-)
TRIUMPH Bonneville Speedmaster (2018-)
Increased comfort by an ergonomically shaped seat and forward footpegs: that is Triumph‘s new Bonneville Speedmaster.
The Custom Look designed Bobber with its 1200ccm engine has 25% more power then its predecessor and with its 12 liter tank the reach is enough for long distance tours.
Therefore we have developed a side carrier, available in chrome and black.
Our leather and softbags can be mounted on the C-bow carrier, black or chrome version.
In addition - or as stand alone version - we have a pipe rear rack for our topcases.
For protection and style our engine guard is the right choice. With the Twinlights in black you increase the visibility in the dark and make your bike have an authentic look.

Not only for long adventures...

05. March 2019 - ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan (2018-)
ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan (2018-)

also for short trips we have the right solution for Royal Enfields travel enduro Himalayan. Besides the already available side carrier we have made the C-bow carrier for this bike. You can put our soft bags and Orbit sidecase on it. With the Lock it tankring you can mount our tank bags. The heat shield for the side carrier and the Alu-/Easyrack are deliverable already.

Yellow black rowdy

26. February 2019 - DUCATI Scrambler 800 (2019-)
DUCATI Scrambler 800 (2019-)
Ducati refines its Scrambler 800 with new LED signals, rims, seat bench and improved riding experience.
Externally the rear area has changed compared to its predecessor. We will have a new C-Bow holder Formular soft and Hard cases as well as an Alu- and Easyrack. For bigger rear bags we have a rear rack enlargement and for small versions a Minirack. Our pipe rear rack gives the bike the authentic look (no topcases  possible). Our legacy leather rear bag fits perfectly on this rack. If the „two channel ABS Cornering Bosch System“ should not work properly one time, our engine guard and the cooler protection guard save your bike from major damage. The side stand enlargement ensures save stand on uneven ground. Our license plate holder in pipe version takes care of the extraordinary style. 

Better safe than sorry

19. February 2019 - HONDA CRF 1000 L Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2018-)
HONDA CRF 1000 L Africa Tween Sports

To enhance the protection of the standard tank guard of the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports we developed a bracing bow which supports each sides against each other and increases the protection of your bike in the case of a mishap

Updates for the R 1250 GS LC!

19. Februar 2019 - BMW R 1250 GS LC | HP Version (2018-)
BMW R 1250 GS LC / HP-Version ab 2018

The HP-Version of BMW´s R 1250 GS, which has a shorter seat bench compared to the standard version, gets some special products from us. The Alu-/Easyrack and Minirack in HP-Style where especially developed for the GS. It is now possible to mount Hepco&Becker Topcases or a lock it rear bag at the ideal balance point of the bike.

Additionaly we updated our product portfolio for the standard version of the R 1250 GS with our unique Sportrack.


Pure driving pleasure while cruising or sporty rides

06. Februar 2019 - BMW R 1250 R (2019-)
BMW R 1250

The R 1250R got a new designed engine spoiler and cooler fairing. In contrast to its predecessor, the R 1200 R with 125 hp, the new two cylinder series boxer engine with 1.254 ccm has now 136hp. So the new roadster is ready for the short and long trips. Our Lock it side carrier is easy to mount and dismantle. Topcases can be mounted on four different carriers, on the Alu- or Easyrack for bikes with original rack or for bikes without original rack. On the rear rack enlargement you can secure dry bags and other soft bags. Smaller bags and cases fit on our C-bow carrier. The tankring is the base for our soft bags. Your bike is protected from damage with our engine guard on smaller drops or accidents. Additionally we have the kardan protection and side stand enlargement

The best of its series

04. Februar 2019 - KAWASAKI Versys 1000 (2019-)
KAWASAKI Versys 1000
The same maximum power of 120 hp but with much more electronic assistance Kawasaki has updated its 2019 four cylinder series engine. Kawasaki‘s Versys 1000 got the KECS (Kawasaki Electonic Control Suspension, which was only used for the Nija ZX-10R SE before) as standard for example. With the electronical Cruise Control long distance travels should be no problem anymore, so you need the right products for your luggage.
The Lock it side carrier offers you the whole range of our side cases and our topcases can be mounted on the Alu- or Easyrack. On the Lock it tankring you can put one of our tankbags within the blink of an eye. For smaller trips the C-bow carrier is the right choice - slim and unobtrusive. Protection of the bike is provided with our engine guard. Safe stand on uneven ground ensure our side stand enlsrgements. The LED flooters help you to see and to be seen better while you are riding.

„Built for your challenges“

31. January 2019 - BMW R 1250 GS Adventure (2019-)
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

BMW is promising its new R 1250 GS Adventure. The 136 hp bike masters your trips off and on the road. Therefore we developed a lot of accessories for the queen of all travel enduro bikes. Lock it side carrier in three colors as well as a fixed side carrier in anthracite. Also the Xplorer Cutout set is available for this bike. All possible in combination with the Alu-/Easyrack, specially designed for the Adventure,  for our topcases. Matching for the Cutout and Lock it carrier we have the useful tool cases Cutout and Lock it. If you plan shorter trips then the C-bow carrier and tankring are the right choice. Larger soft bags find their place on our rear rack enlargement. The LED flooters provide you with additional light and can be mounted on the pipe guards. For additional protection we have a handle bar, center stand protection plate, skid plate and a kardan protection. With the side stand enlargement the bike stands save on uneven grounds.


30. January 2019 - KAWASAKI Ninja 125 (2018-)
KAWASAKI Ninja 125 (2018-)

Kawasaki has two new 125cc models for 2019. The Ninja and the Z 125 – A tough decision for the customer says Kawasaki. We just had the naked bike Z 125 in our development department and now we got the dynamic sporty sister.  For this model we made a C-bow holder for our C-bow side bags. Smaller luggage can be put on the Minirack, if you like it sporty then the Sportrack, which replaces the pillion seat, is the right choice. All your small belongings fit perfectly into our tankbags which fit on our tankring and the side stand enlargement ensures safe stand on uneven ground.


Redefined Dual-Purpose

21. January 2019 - HONDA CRF 450 L (2018-)

Honda´s new Enduro CRF 450 L with 25hp is now capturing the streets on and off-road. And also on the single cylinder you need to transport your luggage – no problem with our Minirack. For higher volume we have three sets of carrier incl. topcase in our product range. The small Journey TC 30 has 30L capacity, the Journey TC 40 has 40L. It is available in two versions, without cover or with silver cover on the topcase. We also have an engine guard for the CRF 450 L, usefull when going off and on road to protect your bike.

Find the right Tiger…

16. January 2019 - TRIUMPH Tiger 800 (2018-)
TRIUMPH Tiger 800 (2018-)

The Tiger 800 XR- and XC-Models got an update in 2018. We made new Lock it side carrier and C-Bow holder for the 2018 and up Versions so you can equip the bike for the best travel experiences possibles. For best protection the tank guard and handle guard are now also available for this version. All other accessories of the XR, XRX, XRT / XC, XCX and XCA from model year 2015 and up fit also on the new 2018 Tigers.


Naked 125ccm with 15 HP

15. January 2019 - KAWASAKI Z 125 (2018-)
KAWASAKI Z 125 (2018-)

KAWASAKI added to ist Z-Series a small bike for the A1 driving license class. We have various options for luggage to start into your adventure. As alternative to a backpack we have our C-bow system. The Lock it tankring is already deliverable. On the Minirack you can put small soft bags, alternatively or as addition we have the sportrack on which you can put the Royster Rear bag Lock it. If you do not want to put any carrier you can use the Royster rear bag with strap fixation on the pillion seat. Our engine guard protects your bike and with the side stand enlargement your bike stands safe on uneven ground.

Especailly for driving scholls we have a special front guard.

Built for the moutains…

10. January 2019 - ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan (2018-)
ROYAL ENFIELD Himalayan (2018-)

The new 2018 Himalayan from Royal Enfield  lives up to its name. Adjustable to all terrains the Himalayan is a real dual-sport motorcycle ready for adventures. To make the bike ready for the big trips we have a fixed side case carrier for our side cases and if you need more space you can use our Alu-/Easyrack to put a topcase on the bike. Thanks to our big range of side and top cases you can choose between different shapes, materials and colors, so you will find the right case.


Additional items for the Z 900 RS

07. January 2019 - KAWASAKI Z 900 RS / Cafe (2018-)
KAWASAKI Z 900 RS / Cafe (2018-)

We increased the line up for the Kawasaki Z 900 RS with a stylish and useful railing / pillion handle bar, available in black and chrome.

Real Bike travel experience – with the BMW 1250

16. November 2018 - BMW R 1250 GS LC (2018-)
BMW R 1250 GS LC ab Bj. 2018

For long distance travels as well as for short trips there is an ideal bike – BMW´s new R 1250 GS LC. The refined Boxer engine comes with the BMW ShiftCam technology  which ensures superior power delivery  in the high and low engine speed ranges and low consumtion values. But for the ideal touring bike you also need the ideal touring accessories! We have a big range of side carriers available: as Lock-it or permanent fixed version, Xplorer Cutout-Version and the C-bow holder for soft bags.
Also for rear bags and topcases we have a solution: Our Alu-/Easyracks, Miniracks and rear rack enlargements. In our line up for protection of your bike we have the following: engine and tank guard in different colors, handle guard, skid plate, cardan protection and heat shield (for side carrier). More useful accessories like Tankring, LED flooter, holder for BMW original additional lights, side stand enlargement, tool boxes and bracing bars you can find at us for this bike too.


Just before the end of the year we have some new things!

27. Oktober 2018 - BMW F 850 GS (2018-)

We already made some products for the F 850 GS at the end of the summer and now push in some new products: A C-bow holder and a rear rack enlargement for the original touring package as well as for the original rack. Also we have now an Alu-/Easyrack for the original rack, which we have too for the touring package already. Additionaly there is a Minirack for small luggage and a skid plate.

It´s your ticket to the adventure

26. Oktober 2018 - BMW F 750 GS (2018-)
BMW F 750 GS Baujahr 2018

BMW is promising with its new F 750 GS. The balanced Enduro all-rounder can now be equipped with our newly developed accessories. We have the carrier systems Xplorer Cutout Set, side carrier Lock-it and C-bow holder for our side cases as well as rear racks for our topcases (Alu-/Easyracks) and soft luggage (rear rack enlargement) in our line up. For protection of the bike we developed an engine guard, tank guard, handle guard and lamp guard. For safe stand on uneven ground we have a side stand enlarger. Smaller items can be put into one of our tanbags (for mounting on our Lock-it tankring). Tools for your bike you can store easily in the tool box for cutout or lock it side carrier (depends which system you have).

Especially for driving schools we have a front and a rear guard in our line up. In preparation are a Minirack, a skid plate and a center stand.


Adventures every day…

07. August 2018 - BMW G 310 GS (2017-)
BMW G 310 GS ab Baujahr 2018

… BMW is advertising its 2017 G 310 GS. We already developed a lot of accessories for the smallest bike of the GS family last year. Now we put some things on top with a new skid plate and a center stand. Both parts are available soon. Check out our shop and register to get the notification when this parts are on stock and to see all the other parts we have for your bike ;)

You ride on, where others turn back.

28. June 2018 - BMW F 850 GS (2018-)
BMW F 850 GS ab Baujahr 2018

With the F 850 GS and some adventure flowing through your veins it is no problem. For the unique touring experience you just need the matching travel accessories.

With our Xplorer Cutout set you can go on your next trip. If you prefer the detachable version of the carrier, you can take the Lock-it side carrier and add the matching endure side case set (30 L right / 40 L left). On the Lock-it tankring you can put one of our tankbags for your small stuff. The Hepco&Becker topcases can be fixed on our Alu- or Easyrack for even more storage space. With the engine and /or tank guard, handle guard and lamp guard you can protect your bike. More accessories are in preparation.


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