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For more than 45 years biker's all over the world trust in our products.
What started out as a one-man business has developed into a dynamic medium-sized company behind which a motivated team stands today.
No matter what country you're travelling: the brand Hepco&Becker is recognized all over the world as the honest promise for long-lasting quality products.

But when it comes to our development and production, we are responsible for "Made in Germany". So over the years, components and carrier systems have been developed for more than 1000 motorcycle models. Even oldies and youngtimer are still manufactured in small series. Special customer requests can be specifically addressed.
It is important for us to secure regional jobs, an environmentally friendly production and respectful coexistence.

Sustainability is not only a lip service, but the real promise of the longevity of our accessories. We manufacture our products in accordance with recognised environmental standards and the responsible use of resources and materials. The sustainability and durability of our products is underlined by our qualified and fast, highly praised repair service. The development process of our leather and its control are also important factors for us. First and foremost, species-appropriate livestock husbandry and leather tanning in accordance with European environmental standards.
Even with many small steps you can make progress. For example, we have offset all CO2 emissions caused by our german catalogue production - from raw materials and production to delivery - by participating in a climate protection project in Brazil. The emission saving corresponds to a motorcycle kilometre performance of approx. 182,000 kilometres. One could confidently set off on a 4.5-fold circumnavigation of the world.


An important basic for our work in the company, but also with our extern partners, are our valuations. The daily work is made by clear perception of our valuations. They determine our thinking and our acting in and out of our company:
We wanted to set a clear sign, so that we can live up to responsability for human and nature in all sections of our business workaday life.

  • Welding Welding
  • Leather bag holder Buffalo Leather bag holder Buffalo
  • Smooth edges Smooth edges
  • Alu Standard  holder adapter Alu Standard  holder adapter
  • Wet cutting Wet cutting
  • Gage center stand Gage center stand


Confirmation of TÜV-Rheinland Kraftfahrt GmbH (german)

Certificate - Partner in climate protection

REACH regulation


Social components

We have briefly summarized our three most important components here.

Faire wages are important for us.

It's a major priority, that the people who craft our products get a fair payment. That's why we demand our producers and distributors, to pay an appropriate wage to their employee.

Healthy and save on work. 

Our employees should not just be save at work, they also should stay healthy. Common events, as company runs, strengthen the solidarity and keep fit.

Sponsoring in sports.


Social components